Youths Of Today

from by Ephraim Juda

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the youths of today want no struggle, want no fight, cyaan take dem hearsay
the youths of today want fi break free a the pulse a the concrete grey
the youths of today set out fi change a world going astray
the youths of today cryin’ fi release a the beast of prey

me wonder how the people dem behave uptown
full a ignorance sneerin’ a the matter downtown
awarding demselve ina million smoking and gown
none a dem gossip ever let me astound
dress fi kill, nuff a dem come up like a clown
dem fi chill, youths haffi save every pound
wallets a filled, dem rasclaat nah upside down
a the courtyard dem a wearin’ a frown

Chorus: …

dem assert opportunities dem plenty
youths dem a hang out rather being too lazy
nah use no offering dem allegedly gave we
never brought we up fi live a life properly
cyaan get along how dem try fi friend we
a flatterin’ tongue will never ever bend we
want we portion and that a elementary
let justice come fi surround we

Chorus: …

me cyaan find no place around, cyaan fi no place fi chill
no one fi talk to when me almost burstin until
some’ terrible a happen some’ unpredictable
dem nah care fi the youths think dem unresponsible
cyaan find no place around, cyaan fi no place fi chill
never knew, never imagined none a dem countable
fi all offense dem commit even if dem horrific
father ago judge dem strict

Chorus: …


from Coming Home, released November 11, 2015
Youths Of Today
Music by: M. Allinger, Lyrics by: D. Buchholz
recorded at Chamber One Studio, Big Finga Studio and 40Fiyah Homebase, mixed by Ganjaman at Growkammer. All instruments by 40Fiyah Band: drums - Berthold “Judah” Maß / bass - Manuel “Al” Allinger / keys, organ and synths - Benjamin Käfer / guitar - Michael Schacht / sax - Konstantin “Kingstontone” Kaiser / trombone - Stefan “Merse” Ulrich / except additional lead guitar - B. Ikvai-Szabó // backing vocals - B. Ikvai-Szabó / backing vocal arrangement - B. Ikvai-Szabó, D. Buchholz



all rights reserved


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