Heat Is On

from by Ephraim Juda

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when the heat is on, sufferation straight on
see me helplessly starin’ a dem malicious action
the heat is on, the people dem mourn
see me painfully wonder how dem treat the nation
the heat is on, sufferation straight on
see me helplessly starin’ a dem malicious action
the heat is on, the people dem mourn
see me cry ‘bout dem treatment a me motherland

you see dem sick we, babylon a straight trick we
suckin’ out the blood a the innocent pickney
a when dem trick we everything a flip back way
mashin’ up the place man a built passionately
but when dem hear we sound, get a glimpse a we compound
dem a notice we nah give up, nah surrender, we nah wear no frown
everything goes up and down, wanna get hold a we crown
a the battlefield dem herald the next round

Chorus: …

well, you see me cry while news a passing by
rushing through my thoughts as if a whirlwind coming by
truly you see me cry, me acted bona fide
abused, misused, deceived and now me come fi reply
me nah waan fi hesitate, me mind I liberate
too long dem fully paralize I thoughts for dem evil sake
well, now it’s time to shape man haffi congregate
evidently dem nah know what is at stake

Chorus: …

well, sizzlin’ fire rise up, me hands a firmly tied up
me nah dare fi move ‘fraid I’m knocking over everything that I bear up
conscience a urge and call up, get a rid a useless fall-out
life a di greatest gift man a ever got me wonder why dem seal it up
everything the father give out dem a disapprove and sort out
infiltrate my mind penetrate my sense with dem insistend talk up
full a ache yuh hear me baal out, me desperately a shout out
refuge anyone a seek out?

Chorus: …


from Coming Home, released November 11, 2015
Heat Is On
Music by: M. Allinger, Lyrics by: D. Buchholz
recorded at Chamber One Studio and 40Fiyah Homebase, mixed by Ganjaman at Growkammer. Instruments and programming by: drum programming, keys, organ and bass - Manuel “Al” Allinger / rhythm guitar – Sascha Kriegler / lead guitar - Moritz Cartheuser / additional guitar and organ - Ganjaman // backing vocals - Dana Shanti, Michaela Wörlein, B. Ikvai-Szabó / backing vocal arrangement - B. Ikvai-Szabó



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