Father A Come

from by Ephraim Juda

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when the father him a come real fire bun
dem nah know judgement day we already deh pon
when the father him a come real fire bun
no one fi stand abuse and exploitation
when the father him a come real fire bun
dem nah know judgement day we already deh pon
when the father him a come real fire bun
all bad mind fi go down

cyaan bother I no, no dem cyaan bother we
nah pay no rent a fi we own property
the world is yours and the world is mine
cyaan put me ina jail fi no trespass I cyaan find
you say you judge on laws dem a signed
me really wonder if Iman not up to time
no man illegal and no man bout fi resign
fi steppin’ the righteous path in line

Chorus: …

dem cup a run over
still dem ago dare fi fill it up again
better come fi drink it up
coz your mischief a no witty something
an hideway all the children dem a seek
cyaan endure the city stampede
too much brainwash education ‘bout fi soft up we creed
unno see it?

Chorus: …

come structure your thoughts
and you might see through
the beauty of life you spoil up and screw
devastating manner has been a part a you
still a breed among the surface like a bird flu
unno research a gwaan your drugs dem brandnew
treatment nah work nightmares a come true
since you nah see what is I&I clue
you a doing the tings you do

Chorus: …


from Coming Home, released November 11, 2015
Father A Come
Music by: M. Allinger, D. Buchholz, S. Ulrich, Lyrics by: D. Buchholz
recorded at Chamber One Studio and Big Finga Studio, instrumental mixed by Jonahgold at Goldheart and Rub-a-Dub Studio, vocals mixed by Ganjaman at Growkammer. All instruments by 40Fiyah Band: drums - Berthold “Judah” Maß / bass - Manuel “Al” Allinger / keys, organ and synths - Benjamin Käfer / guitar - Michael Schacht / sax - Konstantin “Kingstontone” Kaiser / trombone - Stefan “Merse” Ulrich / except percussion – Josy “Big Finga” Coppola // backing vocals - Dana Shanti, Michaela Wörlein, B. Ikvai-Szabó / backing vocal arrangement - B. Ikvai-Szabó



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