from by Ephraim Juda

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Sunbeams pon my face goose bumps all over, I know I got to raise
light upon my face, the warmth a cover the hints I ought fi trace
shine upon my face, I sense thy power, be my shepherd all days
grin upon my face, be my shelter always

twinklin’ stars dem a disappear
mornin’ lights a flood my room ceiling and the air
while I get up all shades dem a tear
through the open windows birds song reach my ear
the weather’s fine and the sight is clear
nothin’ can harm this beautiful atmosphere
me want fi embrace everyone around here
life is dear

Chorus: …

I cross the bridge on my bike through the district
everything asleep just a few pon the concrete
shops are closed prepare themselves fi the stampede
everyone a struggle coz production dem dump it
nuff a dem a say the market demand it
a life full a affluence we often use fi waste it
the simple things we rarely come fi trace it
I face it

Chorus: …

sun sets but the warmth still there
truly confident I’ll push aside all me fear
plenty of energy get hold a me steer
pursue me dreams knowin’ me route dem cyaan smear
sun sets but the warmth still there
truly confident I’ll push aside all me fear
plenty of energy get hold a me steer
heaven is on earth unno hear

Chorus: …


from Coming Home, released November 11, 2015
Music by: D. Buchholz, M. Allinger, Lyrics by: D. Buchholz
vocals recorded at Chamber One Studio, instrumental recorded at Big Finga Studio, mixed by Ganjaman at Growkammer. All instruments by 40Fiyah Band: drums - Berthold “Judah” Maß / bass - Manuel “Al” Allinger / keys and organ - Benjamin Käfer / guitar - Michael Schacht / sax - Konstantin “Kingstontone” Kaiser / trombone - Stefan “Merse” Ulrich // backing vocals - Dana Shanti, Michaela Wörlein, B. Ikvai-Szabó / backing vocal arrangement - B. Ikvai-Szabó



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